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Webster’s dictionary defines healing as “restoring to health”. Health is defined as “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit”. Healing can take place within an individual, in communities, countries, and over our entire planet, and at all levels. Healing Concepts’ hope is to promote holistic healing through the provision of direct clinical services, advocacy, information on supporting research, education for clients and for healing practitioners, and other related events and activities. Each effort and contribution, whether small or large, can only add up to making us and our world healthier. 

As human beings, most of us have the desire to seek, achieve and maintain overall health and well being.  I work with the acknowledgement and understanding that the body, mind and spirit are not separate, but intertwined components of an entire person. 

Combining my training and experience as both a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Massage Therapist allows me to assist people to work toward this goal in a holistic way. 

Paul C. Briggs, MSW, LCSW, LMT, SEP
SW 5478 • MA 34970 • BCTMB 308956-00
Phone: 305.310.4591 • E-mail: healingconcepts@bellsouth.net  

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